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terrell an ohio bomb was ousted as den leader of her son's pack because she is an open lesbian. >> how can they tell little boys that the people that love them and adore them aren't good enough. >> for gay and lesbian parents and gay and lesbian scouts -- >> it doesn't make any sense to tell an 18-year-old eagle scout that because you turned 18, you're not longer fit to be a scout. >> they're calling this a partial victory, but in response to the boy scout leadership, did they give any type of hint that they may reconsider the ban on gay scout leaders in the future? this is just the first step in a larger rollout. >> yeah, quite the opposite, in fact, thomas. we're just outside dallas that, vote held yesterday in grapevine, which is a suburb of dallas, texas, yesterday's scout
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leaders gave the impression that they're done with this issue for now. they want to focus on moving the organization forward. some 2.4 million boy scouts in this country, about 100,000 different scouting units all over america. in january of this year t national leadership revealed that they were considering some sort of change. but at the time, they thought it might be best left toe local troops and local packs. that decision was met with a whirlwind of controversy. there were petitions. there were protest. then they decided to put it up for a vote, that vote then happened after a bunch of town hall meetings, they conducted some internal polling as well. when they conducted the polling,
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thomas, they found that much like the attitudes in this country, attitudes inside the boy scout organization had also shifted in terms of how they view homosexuality. >> and one thing, craig, the mormon church has been a loud sponsor of the boy scouts. have they made any statements about how they feel about how the bsa is moving forward. >> 70% of all boy scout troops and packs are sponsored by some sort of religious organization. the mormon church as you indicated t mormon church is the largest of the religious groups that it sponsors boy scouts. they put out a statement yesterday shortly after the decision, i'm going to read the statement for you in part. this is from the church offensive jesus christ of latter day saints, they say sexual orientation has not previously been and is not now a disqualifying factor for
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homosexual boys from joining latter day saints boy scout troops. we should note here thomas while a lot of folks are just saying this is just another sign of how attitudes have shifted in this country with regard to homosexuality. there are a lot of folks that said that the boy scouts did not go far enough, because as you mentioned, the ban on homosexual leadership is still in place. >> craig melvin reporting from grapevine, texas. i want to talk about the reaction that i have been getting on my facebook page, contradict try at the same time. alben son wrote saying what -- we setting for this offensive discrimination that, we admit, it's okay to keep adult gays out because they are harmful to these kids. clearly a lot of people are
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supportive. like i said, it's time to look and it and say thanks for moving the ball forward just a bit. but how does that this ran nature to say you're good enough until you're 18 then you're not good enough anymore. >> we're celebrating at glad because we didn't know until -- being kicked out as a den mother, of her own child's troops. and so we're celebrating the fact that we're on the way to getting jen terrell to being able to be a den mother again. we knew this was a long, hard bat toll fight and this is just the first victory along that battle. we are committed to seeing lgbt people involved throughout the scout experience. so when we hear people complain and say that this hasn't gone
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far enough, we completely agree with them. >> meanwhile, why is there such a hyper sexualization of this issue when it comes to being in the girl scouts or the boy scouts. if you want to be a parent, a troop leader, you just have to be the parent of a kid that's involved. i know the girl scouts, they celebrate troop dads, they even have a patch that they sell on their website. we have a look at it there, obviously this is not taken into context targeting heterodads -- the way that boy scouts are trying to criminalize adult gay men. thinking that the only reason they would want to be in the boy scouts is -- >> this is about parents wanting to spend time with their children and have, be a part of an american institution, this is
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not about sex. nobody's talking about sex, this is about parents like jen terrell who want to spend time with her son. >> we have a sound bite saying do you really want your kids going away these boy scouts t ones now that could be openly gay and practicing. practicing homosexually, as if they're practicing skin experimen experiments. >> i don't get it, it's completely over my head. we really are talking about people who want to spends time with their children and people who should be allowed to spend time with their parents. and i actually like that comment from earlier, what message are we sending to our youth both gay and strait about lgbt people that, once they turn 18, all of a sudden, everything they have learned from the scout no longer is valid? i mean just look at what's happened here in new york city,
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right, about as far as violence is concerned. the kind of language that the boy scout ss is actually using d the message they're sending that allows the kind of violence that -- >> that's what i want to get to you and talk to you about the violence in new york city. certainly mayor bloomberg has always said that the city is a melting pot for -- we saw a man last week shot to death in greenwich village, two attacks since then that -- 24 anti- gay crime compared with 14 of 2012. i know that we have certainly seen a lot of lgbt stories, we have the court decision coming up on marriage equality this summer. doing that is not going to do away with homophobia in this country. as we talk about these relevant
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and debatable issues when it comes to lgbt equality? >> we can talk about laws, right? and laws we can change, just by voting yes or no. what we do here at glaad is to change the culture. really the first step in this is how we allow people to talk about us. so the violence really is a second step. you know, beyond the way people talk about us. we will not be silenced as a community by the violence, this is somebody's ignorance and fear. >> congratulations on this but the struggle continues, so get
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back to work. convicted murder joed -- a jury in the penalty faye phase in her case could not come to an a unanimous decision on whether to spare her life. >> once the verdict was read there were kpas per rated reactions from everyone involved including the judge. >> this was not your typical trial, you were asked to perform very difficult responsibilities. >> joining me right now is wendy murphy a former prosecutor. you'll recall the judge was warned on wednesday that they could be deadlocked. walk us through this process, and not to jump the gun too much, but this jury might obviously be fatigueded, but what if a second jury can't reach a unanimous verdict? >> that's the issue. so a second jury will be empanelled and that is scheduled
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now to take place sometime in july, between now and then there may be some deal struck where it never takes place. that jury, again, 12 people will be asked to revisit the aggravating and mitigating factors. they are not going to revisit the question of guilt. and then they get to decide whether jodi arias's life should be spared or she should be put to death. and if they can't come to a unanimous verdict, that's it, game over and the judge alone gets to decide the punishment. the judge has two choices life without parole and life with parole after 20 yoors. the prosecute sir going to be looking at those numbers and in a sense gambling on whether it's worth it to empanel another jury. had it been 11-1 or even 12-2.
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i think there would be no question another jury would be empanelled. >> this puts the alexander family, travis's family in limbo. what's the recourse ahead for them for the retrial? this is slated or july 18. what is their recourse? they have to sit on pins and needle needles. >> it's five years since travis died. yet they have waited so lock, i think they're willing to wait as long as it takes to make sure the right result happens. they want her to be put to death simply because what she did is the kind of crime that deserves death. >> how much was a mind game of jodi arias giving that interview after being found guilty and before the jury going into deliberations for the penalty phase.
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that was a mind game if i ever saw one. >> when saying to the public i wish to be put to death. what she was doing was givinging her defense team exactly what they needed to be able to then file a motion she wants to dirks we want to save her life, we have to now withdraw as her council, you're going to have to appoint new council. why is that a good defense tactic? because it buys times, there would have been a new council appointed and all lawyers know in a death penalty case u the long the time period between the decision on guilt and the decision on penalty, the much greater chance the jury will vote for life. >> wendy murphy, great to have you on. police arresting two men on
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suspicion of endangerment of aircraft. last hour that aircraft was scrambled and escorted by jets to intercept this pakistan international airlines flight. there was a security threat on board. the flight was headed from pakistan to manchester england with 300 passengers on board. it was then diverted to london. the two member have been taken to a local police station for questioning, we're going to have more updates as we get them. those jets were scrambled, the jet is down, all passengers were safe. it's like a scene. before any strike is taken, there must be no certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. the highest standard we can set. >> president obama puts --
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for even as we have decimated the al qaeda leader ship, we still face threats from al qaeda affiliates and from individuals caught up in its ideology. even as we move beyond deploying
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large ground armies abroad, we need to conduct strikes against terrorists before they kill our citizens. >> the remarks to future military leaders came just a day after he outlined his second counter terrorism measures. >> i want to begin with the president's speech where he cast the drone program as legal, effective and necessary. but he acknowledged that the targeted strikes are not a cure all. here's what congressman john mica had to say about the strategy with my colleague peter alexand alexander. take a listen. >> our president doesn't seem to get the message that all wars must come to an end, but he obviously fails to understand that the other side hasn't gotten that message. i think we should be using more drones. >> also just for context, republican senators mccain and graham have voiced their opinion on the president and this is what they had to say after that speech.
8:19 am
>> what would i have the united states of america do? lead, l-e-a-d. the president does not lead. >> i support the context that the president does in many ways, but if he doesn't change his policies, the middle east is going to blow up and we're going to get hit here at home. >> and reaction from your democratic congressman barbara lee, she released a statement saying i continue to have grave concerns over the use of drone strikes and i will continue to fight for a full and public debate on the issue. where do you stand? >> i think there's no denying that the development of the drones has given our military many advantages that we didn't here to forehave and in many ways protect our soldiers in very important instances. i'm glad the president has laid out his use of drones, but i have had concerns from the outset. i have seen the ways in which they're used when they're
8:20 am
unarmed, they can provide critical surveillance in a fight and help a soldier on the ground to ask for air cover that he needs, that's an important use of drone answer the technology that can be applied to them bu. but by the president clearly articulating his views it gets a very important debate started. >> what do you think about what the president has now come forward to say he does want to close gitmo, congress needs to be on his side to get this done, where do you stand on that and do you think it is a possibility to see the president fulfill that promise once and for all? >> i have been a long time supporter of closing guantanamo. the military tribunals have been singularly affected. we have seen how our court system has been able to handle hundreds of cases. >> when it comes to lois learner
8:21 am
and the irs scandal that we have been watching unfold over the past week, she was the director at the time of the tax exempt status group that has been positioned or blamed for targeting tea party groups. what do you think happens now? is there any chance that she can be brought back to properly testify? >> i, like all americans are outrage about the targeting that took place in the irs. we have to have great trust in the internal revenue service, those responsible have to be held responsible and congress has a very important role to play here and should continue to do that. >> i know you're highly invested and it seems like there's -- misconduct and assault to talk about almost weekly now and yesterday you introduced this bipartisan legislation to combat sexual assaults in the military and along with your colleagues claire mccaskell suzanne collie
8:22 am
collins and mike turner, is there anything that the american people can expect that will get done? something tangible and also so that people can feel safe within our military ranks, especially females who feel they don't have a place to come forward and talk about this and not fear rhett bhugs. >> i was glad to hear the president bring this up to the graduates of the naval academy. these are the commanders of the future so critically important that he raise this issue with them. the foundational principle of military service as he said is trust and discipline and the epidemic of assaults in the military is so corrosive to that basic trust and basic discipline that is needed. the be safe act that we're into introduce forgive the first time
8:23 am
limits the commanders to overturn jury decisions of guilty in sexual assault cases, but in any other cases as well. it says for the first time, if you are convicted of sexual assault use will be dishonorably discharged military service. both the house and the senate, strong support. it is already the subcommittee that deals with this issue, it is already in our version of the bill that will become part of the broader defense bill. so we're on a good path forward and i think in part because it has such strong support on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the congress. >> congresswoman nikki tsongas, thanks for making time for me. i appreciate it. i just wanted to say that i love lee and i always will and i'm proud to be his wife. >> emotional words from the wife of a soldier brutally murdered outside his barracks in london.
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. here's a look at some of the stories topping the news now. the ntsb has sent a response team to the site of a bridge collapse in washington state. the bridge collapsed sending three people into the water. rescue boats scrambled to the scene and pulled the victims to safety. the cleanup continues in moore, oklahoma today, the number of homes destroyed has been drastically reduced from the tens of thousands to the 1,200. there is something to celebrate on the jersey shore where this morning saw the state's sandy ravaged beaches and boardwalk officially reopening for the
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>> the president tries to strike a ball laptsz by laying out his policy on drones. and could there be a new era of bipartisanship in the near future in washington? those are the top stories flagged for us by today's panel of writers covering progressive topics. gentlemen, it's good to have you here with me this morning, let's get into the drone issue, because this has been a hot topic and the president spoke about trying to strike the delicate balance between americans rights -- how do you think the president is doing and the question that --
8:32 am
>> well, let's take a step back and remember how we got here. the main liberal criticism of george w. bush's foreign policy was, you took your eye off the ball with al qaeda and went into a base war of choice in iraq. barack obama said i'm going put the focus back on actual terrorist threats. he has done that pretty successfully. we have diminished major plots and the drone strategy is a big part of that. it been coupled with a pro democracy strategy, here in the u.n. to help the oust of a dictator in libya and that has made it not appear that we're being an imperialist country trying to impose our will on the rest of the world. we have not senior blow back. i thought his -- i think he's generally on point on where the country wants him to be. when you talk about blow back, we might not see it at the on
8:33 am
set, we might see it as a seed planted for future issues down the line, for what america has done today. is the program though demonstrating some cracks as being less effective with certain criticism that's coming from the left and within the right? >> that's why it's so important for him to lay out a public frame work about how this -- americans view our government here and how foreign nations view what we're doing. and bill's very right. the soft power approach that's coupled with the drones is very, very important. the president talked about this as a changing war, when you go after specific darks, specific groups and for that you need to work with other countries, you need to aid in the intelligence gathering and i think kind of laying out this program, maybe pulling back on some of the signature strikes that have been criticized is really a good way
8:34 am
forward in meeting the threat and the threat has changed and you have to change your strategy to fit the threat. >> we say hi to kelley and i know you might have missed the first couple of points that the guys have made, but when we specifically talk about the use of drones, i think a lot of americans are going to be taken aback by images seen in and around the globe of the terror attack in london. the heritage, i want to talk about the heritage foundation blog west, the terrorist attack in london is another reminder that islamic fundamentalists has done nothing to terrorize free societies. about where it stands in terms of the fact that these people are trying to represent something that they may just be perpetrating wannabe status of trying to demonstrate a more, i guess onus against the fact that
8:35 am
al qaeda is not decimated, or the fact that there is a war against islam. what is your take? >> and this story high heights the challenge and the president find themselves. there's a poll that talks about how we're all talking about hue has been -- polls show that a majority of americans actually support the use of drones, that's been the same from a year ago to the poll taken last month. half of americans said they would be uncomfortable by a muslim child -- sitting next to one in a burqa on a plane and these are recent polls. so, you know, the reality is, i think this is all playing into the dicey balancing act that the white house has to do because the reality is these polls were taken before the attack in london. >> is our comfort with drones,
8:36 am
kelly the fact that we're okay with knowing about the program, we just don't want to know how they're being used? >> one of the polls showed that the language that was used in the question, are you comfortable with drones being used against suspected terrorists? suspected terrorists. what exactly does that mean? we're all great with the idea of someone who could be harming americans or british soldiers for instance, having a drone used on them. but what about someone who's just suspected of being a terrorist. >> you want to have actually hard intelligence that actual plots are being worked upon before you use such immense force as that. people are comfortable with drones because there's no american casualties involved so that's an easy thing to is support.
8:37 am
you want to be careful not to be too comfortable with it. >> don't we have to categorize what the benchmark is to decide, okay, this has reached the level of the fact that we would say that a drone is necessary, even though it's a plot, even though nothing has been enacted, we feel that the severity is good enough. we feel that the burden of proof is good enough. that we can use this. >> it turns out that one of the suspects suspects -- was on the radar for eight years and he wasn't considered a serious threat so. when people hear stories like that where someone wasn't tarktded because they didn't considered a serious threat, it makes people want to lower the threshold of what that is. >> in washington, though, how are our elected leaders pivots off how americans feel about the
8:38 am
drone program? >> well, there certainly has been response, a kind of across the spectrum, you had senator chambliss argue immediately after the speech that this is somehow a victory for terrorists, that terrorists have won with this kind of outlying by the president. but it's surprising to me, you heard lindsay graham, the republican from south carolina, john mccain, in the press conference after his speech sarks there are parts of his speech that we could have given. and while there's certainly distance between the president and some of the republicans, i think there might be room for compromise on issues specifically like guantanamo, certainly mccain and graham have vocal about closing it. will they walk the rest of the distance and work on a plan with the president, that remains to be seen. but the response from the republicans hasn't been exactly entirely supportive, but at
8:39 am
least they're suggesting there's some room for compromise on this. >> when it comes up to closing gitmo, that opens up a brand-new can of worms. meanwhile, we remain actively funding gitmo. >> it's a mess that was dumped in his lap, i think he's very unhappy that he has still has to deal with it. he wants to take care of it, he needs congress's help to do it in a responsible deliberative way. but you heard in his speech yesterday, that while i would article that there has not been major blow back. he wants to take care of some of these festering problems. >> and the funding here is very important, thomas, it costs a lot to run guantanamo bay, about $150 a year. it's about $900,000 per prisoner at guantanamo bay. so if anything, i think it's the
8:40 am
financial picture of returning this prison that's going to lead some of these republicans to support it's closure. >> great to see all three of you, have a great memorial day weekend, okay, gang? anthony weiner's bid for a career come back. what does he stand for besides scandal? and how does wiener's hope for political revival compare to mark sanford? msnbc contributor jimy williams is going to join me to hash all of that out next. g will it? no, not at all. how many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think. didn't take very long, did it? summer's here, so are the savings. that's nice. post it. already did. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get memorial day savings, like 4 bags of miracle-gro® garden soil for just $10.
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that meet our higher kosher standards. and only a good, old-fashioned slow-motion bite is gonna capture all that kosher delight. and when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national. one week after former governor mark sanford made a successful come back, former new york congressman anthony weiner hit the stump on thursday. he quietly started his campaign for new york city mayor. he did so on youtube and not all
8:44 am
new yorkers are backi ining wies attempt. here's what congressman charlie wrangle told chris jansing on her show on thursdayç about wiener's chances. >> only in america could we do these type of things. sanford did it in carolina and so does anthony weiner. i think he would not be able to live with himself if he didn't run, but i don't think it's going to have a serious oimpact on the outcome of the mayor-race. >> jimy williams, you're wiener's former colleague, wiener is saying more women could some forward with the kind of sexually suggestive e-mails and pictures that forced him to resign two years ago.
8:45 am
is this something where wiener knows he's got to go out and get this over with, go out and deal with all of this if he ever wants a political come back is this just the soft test of getting over the ugliness of what it means to run and then it can actually run for something that it won't be a big deal? >> whether he does this so that he can set himself back up running for his old seat or for a new york based seat. i can tell you anybody who's studied anthony weiner for any period of time in politics here or back in new york understands that it's all about ego. he loves the camera, he loves the ego, heç loves the power tp that comes behind this kind of stuff. i'm not saying wiener is a bad guy, i'm not saying that at all. i'm simply saying this is a guy he was born to do this. there is no other job that anthony weiner could ever possibly do and i don't think he would disagree with me on that. so this is his attempt. i agree with mr. wrangle.
8:46 am
i don't think he's going to win, cou could -- >> a lot of people refer to him in his old days as this political gladiator and now he says he's not interested in attacking anyone. this is certainly a change for anthony weiner in the reincarnation of what he wants to do to get back into politics. >> bob dole said that the most dangerous place in washington, d.c. was between chuck schumer and a camera. in the modern day, the most dangerous place is between anthony weiner and a camera. so they are two birds of the same feather. whether more of this stuff comes out or not, i don't know. nor do i really care. but at the end of the day, it's always going to be a spectacle for anthony weiner. >> now at the palmetto state, so many comments about mark sanford. but as he puts it, anthony
8:47 am
weiner does not equil mark sanford because you need to marry your scandal or put a ring on it. >> in the first district, stupidity, i say that with all sincerity, re-elected mark sanford of that district. rush limbaugh could have run in that -- he would have lost because the district is that republican, they don't want a democrat period, no matter what, even a guy that was as scandal plagued as mark sanford. new york city elected giuliani, they elected bloomberg, so the bottom line is new york city people see this in a very different light than the south carol south carolinians see it.
8:48 am
>> this is the ring of fire that he designed for himself to walk through. jimy williams, thank you very much. dear vice president biden, i have a great idea. >> still ahead for you this friday. the request one little boy made to in a letter to the vice president and what the vice president wrote personally in reply to him. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d to support strong bones. and the brand most recommended by... my doctor. my gynecologist. my pharmacist. citracal. citracal. [ female announcer ] you trust your doctor. doctors trust citracal. big time taste should fit in a little time cup. new single serve cafe collections from maxwell house now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer.
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developing now on msnbc -- we're showing you live pictures from the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland. president obama handing out diplomas to the new grads there, last year he delivered the traditional presidential keynote. we're waiting for the moment when all the grads throw their hats up in the air at the
8:52 am
conclusion of the ceremony, that happens in just about 40 minutes. since the newtown shooting, we all know that vice president joe biden has been pushing the white house agenda to pass sensible gun reform measures and even taking time to respond to a second grader's letter about making the world safer. take a listen to this, it's a letter about miles nelson. a 7-year-old from milwaukee, he came up with an idea of using chocolate bullets instead of real ones in the aftermath of the newtown shooting. vice president's response said if we had guns that shot chocolate, not only would our country be safer, they would be happier, people love chocolate. last week i had a chance toç tk to miles, i asked his teacher how miles came up with the idea of chocolate bullets. >> miles and i were having lunch together one day and he said, barb, i have a really good idea. and proceeded to tell me about chocolate bullets and how the world would be safer and no one would be sad. and i said, we needed to send
8:53 am
this on to people who could do something about it. and the two of us sat down and wrote letters to miss moore, vice president biden and president obama. and mailed them out. >> and what's pretty amazing. >> let me ask you, you call your teacher barb, first of all, let me get that right. you call your teacher barb? >> yeah. >> okay. that's pretty cool in and of itself. i want to get a sense for our viewers, about the letter. can you read a portion of the letter that you sent off to the vice president for us? >> yes. dear vice president biden, i have a great idea to help make our country safe. better. and the best. i think guns should shoot out chocolate bullets. then no one will get killed and
8:54 am
no one will be sad. sincerely, miles. >> the vice president, miles,ç really liked your letter, because he says that all people liked chocolate. he called you a good boy in the letter that he wrote back to you. how did you feel when you yourself got a letter from the vice president? >> really excited. >> really excited. did you tell barb right away and your parents and kids at school? what did they think? >> i can't remember. >> actually the letter came to the our head of school, mrs. flynn. and she brought it up. and first we shared it with miles and then miles went in and shared it with his class. >> now what was the reaction, barb, was it good? >> they were so excited. first of all, it was handwritten and the gold seal, that was the seal of the deal.
8:55 am
>> and i understand, myles, that you plan on writing another letter to the vice president. what's going to be in this letter? >> dear vice president biden, can i, may i please go to the white house and have lunch with you? >> sincerely myles. >> and plus, you said may i, which is very important. so barb you're doing a great job at myles' teacher. but i think myles has great ideas. so hopefully the vice president's people are going to reach out to you and get you to the white house for lunch. milwaukee second grader myles and his teacher, barb nelson. wasn't myles great and miss barb. we clarified after the interview that he does use miss barb, he doesn't flat-out call her barb, i think that's a little too informal. that's going to wrap things up for me today. i'll see you back here on monday at 11:00 a.m. eastern. "now" with alex wagner is up
8:56 am
next. >> it's friday, thomas. >> your favorite day of the week. >> this week it's definitely my favorite day of the week. have a great weekend. we have packed show today. lunch-time and republicans are sharpening their knives, looking to feast on a white house scandal in the wake of the irs controversy and media leaks. we will look at whether the scandal-chasers will be going home hungry. and the president's landmark speech on counterterrorism, drone strikes and closing gitmo. we'll discuss as david axelrod, john bethesda wes moore and maggie. and the "new yorker's" john packer will be on set to discuss the seismic shift in american society and the fraying of the social safety net, next on "now." about how they could save money on car insurance with geico... yeah, a little bit more of the lime green love yeah... or letting them know they can reach geico 24/7 using the latest technology. go on, slather it all over. don't hold back, go on...
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9:00 am
like chock-a-who wiaholics, republicans cannot let go of the idea that president obama had a hand in the targeting of conservative groups, no matter what the facts, independent investigation and sworn testimony would seem to suggest. >> it's pretty inconceivable to me, that the president wouldn't know. it's hard to imagine that it wouldn't have come up in some conversation. >> while you think he's in the middle of it. >> you don't think that the administration is in the middle of this? you don't think that the white house is in the middle of this? >> it's now clear that this was about much more than one or two employees going rogue at some far-flung office out in the administrative hinterlands as was first suggested. the facts we've seen so far point to something far more systemic than that. surprising exactly no one, the thus far

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